Generally speaking, I’ve observed that most gentlemen don’t wear much accessories as compared to the ladies….. The cufflinks are one of the few unique pieces of jewellery worn by men; they are precious items that propose possibilities to highlight one’s style and fashion sense. Cufflinks for men come in a variety of shapes and materials: gold cufflinks, silver cufflinks.

Originally, men held their clothes together with pins, straps, laces. Period jewellers then began producing what they called ‘sleeve buttons’ in silver and gold, with etched or stamped designs and often encrusted with precious gems. Royals commemorated weddings and other special events with them and the wearing of cufflinks became the mark of a gentleman.



A cufflink fastens a shirt by sliding through holes on either side of the cuff opening, then swinging into a locked or fixed position to hold the sides together.


• The most common cufflink consists of a large head or ‘insert member’ with a decorative front face, a post that extends from the back of the head and a hinged toggle that swings out from the post to fasten the link.

• These are fastened by setting the toggle in its closed position so that there is a straight post descending from the underside of the head.

• The post slides through the holes of both sides of the cuffs and then the toggle is swung outward to prevent the post from sliding back out.

• That holds the cufflink in place, with the front face of the insert member placed decoratively atop the buttonholes.

Cufflinks usually add an air of playfulness that simple buttons don’t provide and most men will wear cufflinks in business and relatively social settings as an accent to a suit-and-tie ensemble.

Keep it locked….

Sarah Moj

Author: zaonicrystalz

I'm a Geologist and I have a keen interest on gemstones and what they can be used for, so, I've decided to write about all of that.

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