What’s the first thing you ought to pay attention to when you pick up a piece of jewellery?? The colourful gemstone 😊😊😊…..not exactly. A logical place to begin your look at jewellery is with the part that holds the gems in place and it’s known as the gemstone setting. The setting can affect the gem’s appearance and add to the design’s appeal.
Generally, gemstone settings can broadly be classified into individual settings and group settings.
Individual Settings can further be divided into:
• Prong Setting: Slender metal claws hold the gem, the gem is usually above the body of the jewellery in this setting, making it the center of attention. However, gems in this setting are exposed to accidental bumps and scrapes.

• Bezel Setting: A raised metal collar or rim surrounds the gem and wraps slightly over its edge; this protects the gem.


• Gypsy Setting: A metal rim formed from the body of the jewellery holds the gem in place. Rings for men commonly have this setting.


• Tension Setting: In this setting, the gems are held in such a way that makes it appear to float between two pieces of metal.


So that’s for individual settings, let’s now talk about group settings.
• Cluster Setting: A number of gems set close together in a symmetrical pattern. The gems are secured by small prongs or bezels.


• Channel Setting: A row of carefully calibrated, small gems set side-by-side between parallel ridges of metals. Gems in this setting must be very similar to each other in dimension and proportion in order for the metal to hold them securely.


• Pave Setting: Small gems (usually round) set next to each other across the jewellery’s surface.


So, tension setting is certainly a yes for me, I like it because it’s quite unconventional. What’s your favourite gemstone setting? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Sarah Moj


Author: zaonicrystalz

I'm a Geologist and I have a keen interest on gemstones and what they can be used for, so, I've decided to write about all of that.

18 thoughts on “GEMSTONE SETTINGS.”

  1. So what’s the best type of individual setting recommended for marriage or proposal.
    Also is the gold ring preferable to the silver/titanium.


    1. Prong and bezel happen to be the common settings found in most wedding and engagement rings, however, going for a ring with a particular setting all depends on the individual’s preference. Well, gold lasts longer compared to the other metals and yes, it’s more preferable.


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