You’re probably thinking… this a biology class? Oh well, it’s not! It’s a jewellery class….lol. The rings ladies put on as an indicator of their marital status has so many lovely parts. So if you’re thinking of proposing to your girlfriend or you wanna take your relationship to the next level, you’ll certainly love to put these into consideration…….
* The center stone is usually the focal gemstone in a ring, it’s the largest stone and as its name implies, is located at the center of the design. Some ladies love big centre stones (the whole world should know that there’s a ring on her finger 😄😄😄), if that’s your kinda lady, you certainly wanna get her a ring with a bold and beautiful center stone.
* The side stones complement and place emphasis on the center stone and are typically larger than accent stones.
* The accent stones are small gemstones incorporated into the ring to add a touch of sparkle and glamour.
* The gallery encompasses the area beneath the stone. It is often of openwork fashion, thus allowing light to pass through.
* The bridge is a design element located beneath the center stone that can be seen when looking at the ring in the through-finger view.
* The prong refers to the metal tip or bead that actually touches the stone and holds it into place.
* The shoulder is the part of the ring where the shank joins the setting.
* Hallmark/Engraving provide an extra source of information to accurately determine the ring producer; it also indicates the total amount of gold or silver used to manufacture the ring. Some ladies will also wanna have the name of their loved one engraved in their ring….

* The sizing area is the space that allows her to fit in the ring. If you’re getting a ring for engagement purposes, you should have determined her size prior to the time of purchase (i’ll blog about how to determine a ring size soon enough)

I’m sure you enjoyed the reading…….keep it locked.

Copied and edited

Sarah Moj.


Author: zaonicrystalz

I'm a Geologist and I have a keen interest on gemstones and what they can be used for, so, I've decided to write about all of that.

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